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Take the guesswork out of talent decisions 

Sigma Squared’s comprehensive talent optimization platform consolidates disparate data sources, diagnoses bias and barriers to performance, and puts proven solutions in motion. 

Sophisticated methods made simple

Sigma Squared’s easy-to-use platform puts the power of applied econometrics and machine learning into the hands of HR teams everywhere.  

Existing data has a powerful story to share, but current platforms can’t tell it

Sigma Squared seamlessly integrates with the full suite of HR platforms. Our proprietary algorithms do what existing tools can’t - analyze disparate data to tell a holistic story of what’s happening across the employee lifecycle. 

Move from insight to improvement 

With a combination of prescriptive analytics and solutions consulting, we help you confront your toughest people challenges and drive lasting change.

Bias needs to be tackled at the source, not the surface

Sigma Squared is the only platform that can truly diagnose bias and get to the root cause of what’s limiting performance. 

Purpose-built to solve your most complex talent issues 

Sigma Squared offers a unique blend of sophisticated technology and deep domain expertise. 


Talent Optimization


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Leadership Development


See what our customers say

“We have had this data for years. This is the first time we have had such a holistic and deep dive into what it actually says!”

Chief Human Resource Officer
F500 Financial Institution

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