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DEI deserves a data-driven approach

Making progress on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion takes more than a training strategy and an annual report. Sigma Squared is the only platform that enables you to diagnose bias, understand the root cause, and take targeted action.

Disparity does not
equal bias

Most DEI analytics provide simple statistical snapshots that don’t differentiate between disparity and bias. This is critical: without knowing the true nature of the issue, any intervention is just guesswork - and could cause more harm than good. Sigma Squared’s insights pinpoint where race and/or gender may have impacted talent decisions.


Diagnosis should inform the treatment

DEI interventions must target the root cause, going beyond blanket solutions like mandatory training or representation goals. Bias can take different forms and each one requires a targeted approach. Sigma Squared’s prescriptive analytics and tailored solutions are purpose-built to help you effectively tackle each type of bias.

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