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Talent Optimization Platform 

Sigma Squared provides a comprehensive view of the employee lifecycle, delivering science-based insights about where inefficiencies exist and creating a clear path to improvement. 

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Talent Insights

Sigma Squared’s insights go beyond surface-level ratios to uncover barriers to performance across all core HR functions.

  • 500+ automated analyses paint a complete picture of employee lifecycle

  • 80+ proprietary tests pinpoint where bias exists

  • Diagnostic reports summarize opportunities within each core HR function

Causal Factor Analysis

Sigma Squared’s proprietary framework takes a multi-step approach to isolate cause and effect related to disparities and bias. 

  • Diagnose and quantify the source of each finding

  • Understand the interdependencies within the talent lifecycle

  • Target the set of potential solutions to the real issues at hand


Prescriptive Analytics

Sigma Squared’s analytics estimate the impact of each possible solution – using your own data – so we can confidently recommend a path to progress.

  • Project the impact of solving each root cause 

  • Simulate effects of solutions across talent lifecycle

  • Prioritize recommendations based on anticipated return on effort

Tailored Solutions

Sigma Squared’s solutions provide a clear, data-driven path forward, offering a combination of automated tools and collaborative consultation.

  • Co-pilots build objectivity into talent decisions

  • Playbooks provide evidence-based strategies 

  • Impact calculator measures progress over time

  • Solutions consultants bring expertise in analytics and people science

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Sigma Squared seamlessly integrates with the full range of HR technology systems to alleviate the burden of manual data manipulation.


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