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One platform to tackle your most complex people challenges 

We substantiated deep domain expertise and mathematical models into software to make it easy for organizations to uncover inefficiencies in their people processes, put proven solutions in place, and drive measurable outcomes.

Easy to Use

Data science on demand

Engage with your data in ways you might have otherwise thought impossible. Sigma Squared enables you to harness the power of advanced analytics without adding headcount to your team. 

  • Real-time insights 

  • Prescriptive analytics 

  • Interactive dashboards

  • People analytics chatbot  

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Filtered Disparity.png

Unwavering Partnership

We’re with you on the path to lasting change

Even the most well-intentioned people strategies falter without clarity on what to tackle first. Sigma Squared has your back: our consultative approach provides guidance and tools to help you achieve your goals.

  • Dedicated customer success manager 

  • Tailored solutions based on your findings

  • Board-level insights presentations

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Sophisticated Approach

Make data obsessed people decisions

Treat people-related problems with the same data-driven rigor as other business challenges. Supercharged with the precision of applied econometrics and machine learning, Sigma Squared empowers HR teams to drive measurable outcomes.

  • Detect disparities

  • Diagnose bias

  • Determine root cause

  • Deploy targeted solutions

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