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Talent Optimization Platform

Unify your data to tell the complete story of what drives performance, identify where the best talent is being overlooked, and make talent decisions that maximize productivity.

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Personalized Insights

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Discover the characteristics most predictive of success in your organization

Gain clarity on where to focus your attention to improve team performance

Understand the overall effectiveness of talent decisions across your organization

Drive action based on predicted impact

Pinpoint the causes of inefficiency

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Unify disparate data sources. Seamlessly integrate your HR, performance, and productivity systems to alleviate the burden of manual data manipulation.

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Executive Insights

Generate board-level summaries. Gain visibility into what’s happening across the talent lifecycle and inform strategic priorities based on what will lead to the greatest impact.

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Tailored Solutions

Thwart inefficiencies and optimize for performance. Copilots and solutions consultants provide data-rich recommendations and strategies

Discover how Sigma Squared improves talent decisions.

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Talent Optimization Score

Measure effectiveness. 750+ proprietary tests automate complex analyses to pinpoint where under-optimized talent decisions are limiting performance.

product image of success phenotype

Success Phenotypes

Quantify potential by role and level. Identify the attributes that predict performance - and the ones that don’t - to ensure qualified talent doesn’t get overlooked.

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Prescriptive Analytics

Go beyond surface-level ratios. Advanced talent analytics determine the root-cause of performance barriers, then recommend a course of action based on projected ROI.

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